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Excel Taining

Azure Training

Office 365
Compare Office 365 Plans

Instructions for using the new One Drive client for SharePoint

Next Generation Sync Client | Sync now with # and % in filename

Exchange Hybrid Configuration Tutorial

Setting up Federation (ADFS)

Office 365 Identity Authorization Information

Litigation on hold

Office 365 DLP Overview

Microsoft Policy for Storing Cloud Data

Office 365 ADFS Firewall Exemption

Office 365 Secure Score

Office 365 Staged Migration Tutorial

Office 365 Cutover Migration Tutorial

Bit Titan's Mailbox Migration Tool

ShareGate's SharePoint Migration Tool

Azure Pricing Calculator

Azure Server Information

Azure VPN Gateway Information

ExpressRoute Information

Azure Storage Types

Azure Backup Information

Active Directory
Replmon & Repadmin Info

Stub Zones Information

Why use third party DNS Servers

DNS Made Easy

Open DNS

DNS Record Types

Log Parser Studio 2.0
Exchange Server User Monitor

ESX Performance Tool ESXTOP

Disk Performance
Device Latency not to exceed 25ms | Kernel & Queue Latency not to exceed 2ms | Total latency not to exceed 27ms
Counters to use:
Queue command latency
Physical device read latency
Command latency
Kernel command latency
Kernel read latency
Bus resets
Queue read latency
Physical device write latency

Network Performance
Look for dropped packets, usage in KBPS, check for errors on the physical switch port.
Counters to use:
Data receive rate
Data transmit rate
Receive packets dropped
Transmit packets dropped

Performance Best Practice for VMware 6.0

Veeam One Monitoring

Multipathing in vSphere using EQL MEM

Best Practices for Implementing VMware vSphere in a Dell PS Series Storage Environment

Monitoring Tools
SNMP Walk Tools

Monitoring Tools (Not Free)

Monitoring Tools (Free)


Meraki BYOD Guide

AirWatch BYOD

Resources for Backup Solutions
Storage Craft's Shadow Protect

Altaro Backup Solution

Dell AppAssure (Dell Data Protection) Speed & Stability Tips


EqualLogic SAN Headquarters

EqualLogic Snapshots and Clones: Best Practices

Best Practices for Deploying Dell EqualLogic Synchronous Replication

MEM Performance for VMware Essentials Customers