Sysadmin Today #14: Server & Network Maintenance

In this episode, we will review setting up a maintenance and renewal schedule. This will include Server, SAN, Network, AD, OS and Application maintenance.

Host: Paul Joyner

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Maintenance Checklist

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Replmon & Repadmin Info

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2 thoughts on “Sysadmin Today #14: Server & Network Maintenance

  1. Hi Paul!

    I have been really enjoying this podcast and adopting a lot of it for work. Toward the end of this episode (#14) you mention, I believe, REPLMON for testing AD replication (at about 40:00 minutes) but there is no info on it in your show notes. When I search for that, all I find is references to a tool pack for Server 2003. I did find and run repadmin.

    1. Jeff,

      You are absolutely correct. I have been using replmon for many years, and as a result it is embedded in by thought process. Microsoft did stop developing replmon after Server 2003 R2. Below is a great article explaining using replmon and its replacement repadmin. Also, included is an article that you can install replmon on newer servers OS’s like 2012 R2. Thank you again for your support and comments.

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