Sysadmin Today #27: Malwarebytes, Spam & more Q&A

In this episode, I discuss topics related to Malwarebytes, Spam, Security and answering your questions.

Host: Paul Joyner


Malwarebytes End Point Protection

Mike Tech Show Malwarebytes Interview

Exchange 2010 Anti-Spam Enablement

*Run the script below in the Exchange Shell to prevent spoofing against your approved sending domains. (
Get-ReceiveConnector “My Internet ReceiveConnector” | Get-ADPermission -user “NT AUTHORITY\Anonymous Logon” | where {$_.ExtendedRights -like “ms-exch-smtp-accept-authoritative-domain-sender”} | Remove-ADPermission

IP Block List Providers

Code to enable Microsoft Update on Server 2008 R2

1. Open Notepad and paste the code below, then save it as .vbs extension.
Set ServiceManager = CreateObject(“Microsoft.Update.ServiceManager”)
ServiceManager.ClientApplicationID = “My App”

‘add the Microsoft Update Service, GUID
Set NewUpdateService = ServiceManager.AddService2(“7971f918-a847-4430-9279-4a52d1efe18d”,7,””)

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