Sysadmin Today #3: The Cloud Part 2 – Infrastructure as a Service

In Part two of our Cloud series we will be discussing hosted Infrastructure. I will be using Azure as the cloud platform to build our hosted datacenter.

Host: Paul Joyner

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Azure Pricing Calculator

Azure Server Information

Azure VPN Gateway Information

ExpressRoute Information

Azure Storage Types

Azure Backup Information

Azure Estimate for our example Acme Company Data Center

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One thought on “Sysadmin Today #3: The Cloud Part 2 – Infrastructure as a Service

  1. Awesome podcast! Only halfway through episode 2 and I felt like I had to say thank you! We are moving a bunch of our clients to The Office 365 environment most of them have an under 20 employees. The part you had about the connectors and using IP Authentication is an awesome idea! We are having trouble moving the categories colors. Our one client has over fifty of them and he is the only user for his domain lol. Keep up with the episodes! Been waiting for something like this for a long time. Everything is always about the big enterprise environments.

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