Sysadmin Today #6: What it’s like being a Sysadmin.

In this episode we discuss what it is like being a System Administrator.

Host: Paul Joyner

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One thought on “Sysadmin Today #6: What it’s like being a Sysadmin.

  1. Great show, I really liked the last show (because of the content). I listened to all of your shows all at once since the last Mike Tech Show. FYI – I didn’t hear any background noise when you said their was noise in the house. Podcast sounds great. (acoustic quality) You are correct with the training, it is NEVER ending. The problem we have is that we make things “look” too easy sometimes. When we solve the issue right away we are “Gods” and when it takes too long we are idiots, but you can handle being a “God” or the pressure of things not going right (sometimes) you are in the wrong business.

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